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A resource for people on the move.

Constantly traveling by plane, train, bus, bike and maybe even boar?

There are so many sources of travel these days.

Mine are Cars, Buses, Trains and Planes to be exact.

Time to make it a point to increase self care before, during and after the body is surrounded by so many forms of transportation.


I’m a 200HR Hatha, 85HR Pre & Post Natal Yoga Instructor and Flight Attendant. Besides progressing in the yoga practice. Practicing self care, especially when traveling is imperative. Traveling is EXHAUSTING and self care sometimes takes a back burner, besides the effort to sleep.

Time to make a difference! Come together and practice in a place of peaceful comfort and creating that habit of familiarity in all communities, domestically and internationally for all ages including those who are still in the womb. Enough about me, let’s come together and see how we can get this journey on the road!


Yoga practices available while traveling, at home, or in a small space provided.


Travel tips and handy items to keep in mind, whether it's convenience or guidance.


Self Care concerns covered! Whether at home or mobile, from face to total body.


More help and guidance provided to attain a certain goal with or without a specific lifestyle.

New Rochelle, New York

Phone: 914-266-0227

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